Who is FOSA?

FOSA is a young and dynamic brand of innovative household and kitchen-related products originated from Spain.

Where can I buy FOSA products?

FOSA products are available for sell in various international websites and retail shops in different countries.

How long is the warranty for FOSA products?

The warranty period of FOSA products follows the website or the store where the product is bought.

What is special about FOSA vacuum storage products?

The Turtle vacuum pump is very compact but at the same time powerful. It is also a very user-friendly gadget because it will operate just by the touch of a button and it knows when to stop automatically.

Does it mean there is no need to put food in refrigerator after food is stored in vacuumed canisters?

Food that normally needs to be stored in refrigerator still needs to be put in the refrigerator even after vacuuming. However, the ‘freshness’ of the food is extended with the use of vacuum storage.